6 Clever Uses for Duct Tape

6 Clever Uses for Duct Tape

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One of the great benefits of a product like duct tape is the amount of use you can get from such a simple and cheap product. Duct tape is the ultimate utility do it yourself tool. But what exactly can it do that you may not already be aware of? This posting will not only address this question, but get you excited to go out and face these activities head on.

  1. As a Decoration: Often times, when someone thinks about duct tape, the stickiness and strength of this particular tape comes to mind. This time, these assets are not that predominant focus. One thing that duct tape can do is give things a fun makeover. Maybe your child’s soccer team ran out of jerseys and your child needs some sort of uniform with a number? Look no further; duct tape can do exactly that. Just tape a number on their back and your child will be on the pitch in no time. The possibilities are endless when using this tool to decorate.


  1. As Wrapping Paper: Today, gift wrapping paper can get very pricy. Perhaps even more of hassle than the bill; you never know when you will need to get a gift for someone. With gifts often comes a need for wrapping paper. Yes, the holiday season may come and go at the end of every calendar year, but the season of giving gifts really never ends. Between birthdays, celebrations, or anything else that begs for a gift, there will always be a need for gift wrap. In this case, that gift wrapping is duct tape. You can even make the design of your gift wrapping creative by using the wide assortment of colors that our product RediTape is available in.



Fun colors for EVERYONE

  1. As A Hammock: You didn’t think you could make furniture out of tape did you? With duct tape you sure can. All you need to complete a duct tape-made hammock is some sturdy rope to tie your hammock up to some trees, some wooden rods to book end the hammock resting area, and a lattice-pattern duct tape-made laying surface. Put it all together, and voila! You just created your very own hammock while saving a great deal of money. Maybe your hotel room in paradise is lacking a hammock? No worries, pack our travel-sized RediTape away in your luggage or even your pocket and you can get going on changing those circumstances.


  1. To Hold a Beverage: Imagine a very warm day, you have plentiful fluids, but somehow forgot cups to hold your drink. You rummage through your vehicle to find something to hold your water or beverage of choice and all that you can find is a pack of pocket-sized duct tape in the console of your car or glove compartment. You may be thinking that you might be out of luck. This notion is incorrect. Just start to unroll your tape and next thing you know you can make yourself your very own cup; disaster averted.


  1. To Remove Warts: You may be thinking “GROSS,” but yes; duct tape can actually help relieve warts, and in fact, remove them. Allegedly, if you introduce your wart to duct tape for six days with some additional water, your wart will vanish before your very eyes over time. Not only does this save you a few dollars by skipping out on purchasing other pricy solutions, but you will also save yourself some pain as well. Who doesn’t love being both happier and having more money? Don’t forget about being wart-less! Not to mention, if you chronically suffer from random warts, keep our conveniently sized RediTape packs on your person and you will always have a way to both hide and rid yourself of those pesky warts.


  1. To Make Your Own Bike Headlights: Often times, as humans, we all just need some fresh air and exercise. One thing that helps accomplish both of these desires is by going on a bike ride. There is nothing quite like a ride on your bike before the sun goes down. That is until the sun does indeed go down and you cannot see! Luckily, if you strap some flash lights and some duct tape to your handlebars, this problem will continue no longer. This is a cheaper alternative to buying real bike headlights. Additionally, you can make your bike look even better by getting creative with the color of your duct tape. Match the possibly metallic look of your handlebars with our silver tape, or compliment the style of your bike with one of the many more colorful options we provide.


silver tape


There are so many different things that you can do with duct tape outside of its common and obvious uses. It is this endless amount of use and function that you can get from a product like duct tape that makes it an essential fixture of any home, car and pocket. One way to stay fresh and up to date on your duct tape necessities is by purchasing RediTape. RediTape is a perfect answer to all these different situations and many more! With a wide assortment of colors, greater strength, quick bonding process time and convenient packaging to help you always keep it by your side, RediTape is a must have for almost anyone. If you want to join in on all the creative fun or just tape away, purchase the SUPERIOR duct tape in the market at the link below! You will not be disappointed.

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