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Redi Tape is the perfect duct tape to use on all your crafty projects. Our wide variety of colors and superior tape quality make Redi Tape the go-to helpful craft material.

Redi Tape is perfect for attaching various objects together, posting flyers, and even creating a wide variety of useful household objects from scratch! You can use Redi Tape to create wallets, shoes, key chains, water bottle holders, iPhone cases, bags, picture frames, purses, earrings, bracelets, and even shoes! Duct tape crafts are a great way to save money, have fun, express your creativity, inspire others and entertain the kids.

Because Redi Tape comes in so many great colors, you can also decorate any number of household items with Redi Tape colors, from journals and water bottles to doors and tables.

To build the Redi Tape community and spread Redi Tape around the world, we’re looking to build a library of duct tape craft ideas and duct tape projects right here on our site.

If you have any ideas, recommendations, project plans and visions, or photos of finished projects using Redi Tape, please post them here! Every example of duct tape crafts we can gather will help us spread the word and build our Redi Tape community.