Let’s Start a Dialogue: Are You Using the Right Duct Tape?

Let’s Start a Dialogue: Are You Using the Right Duct Tape?

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Sometimes it is the simple things in life that can become quite complicated. Duct tape for as long as most of you will remember has been the simple multi-solution tool for people from all walks of life for YEARS. But it has to be said, your run-of-the-mill duct tape is inconvenient. I know what you are thinking… “No it isn’t.” If this is you, I challenge you to assess every aspect of your everyday duct tape.

  • Is it optimized for performance? Well, to be honest with you, it very well could be. You could have the best duct tape on the market or the worst. That perception is up to you. However, if you want to confirm your possession of optimized performance for your duct tape, you may want to check out our product RediTape. RediTape  not only has a high thread count, and a tighter weave for peak strength, but bonds quickly to surfaces. It even tears in an easy and clean way in both directions!

  • Is it aesthetically pleasing? This is another one that is variable. A betting person would probably take the no on this one, however. Usually, when you see duct tape, it is a more basic, less-exciting color. This could be completely fine for you, but it may bother you. Luckily for you, once again, RediTape is the answer to your issues. If you don’t mind the typical duct tape look, check out our black and silver color ways. But if you want a little more excitement, then our green, orange, pink and yellow options are perfect for you. Even if you are completely unsure, we have you covered with our many variety packs! Check them out now.colored duct tape

  • Can you conveniently keep that tape on you? This one is probably the most important, and we can almost guarantee you that unless you have our product RediTape

pocket duct tape

the answer to this question is no. Tool belts are one of the most convenient things in the world when it comes to repairing things, but you know what is not? Lugging around an awkward, oversized roll of tape is the furthest thing from convenient. This is especially true considering almost anything else you need for similar tasks epitomizes convenience. With that being said, why not make one of your most useful tools, duct tape, just as easy to carry around and use. This is what RediTape is all about. Packaged in a way that it can be stored and fits almost anywhere; from a toolbox, tool belt, glove box, tackle box, backpack, pocket or even purse.

It is clear that there is one product, and one product only, that fit all three of these descriptors. So we return to the initial question, “Are you using the right duct tape?” Go and buy yourself some RediTape and turn that “no,” into an enthusiastic “yes!”