Are you using the right duct tape?

Are you using the right duct tape?

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Did you know that duct tape has been around since 1946? That sure is a long amount of time! As cool as that is, it makes you wonder… Is my duct tape as good as it was in the 1940s? Luckily for you, here at RediTape we aim to eliminate any question of the lacking of modern technology with duct tape. We take that very question and address it. Simply put, RediTape is the upgrade duct tape has needed for a long, long time.

But how exactly is our offering a better alternative to your run-of-the-mill duct tape? RediTape’s adhesive combines tensile strength and holding force to provide you with a reliable seal and bond, every time, across many different surfaces. To make things even better, our high thread-count and tight weave of mesh ensures a reliable, easy tear whenever you need it.

Not only do we have the strength and power, but we pair it with much more. Our new and improved flat packaging makes our 5 yards of duct tape we include super easy to transport, and much less of a hassle than some bulky roll of duct tape. Just slip our travel sized duct tape conveniently in your pocket, tool belt, purse, car storage or really anywhere else and you will always have optimal strength duct tape by your side.

RediTape also looks great too! Provided in an assortment of colors, you will want to check all of them out. These colors provide the perfect opportunity for some arts and craft time, or maybe let you add some beauty to wherever you need a repair!

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