What is Redi Tape? Only the best outdoor duct tape on the market! We’ve designed Redi Tape from the ground up to be superior in quality in every way to other duct tape products – from adhesion, ease of tear and convenience of use.

Our adhesive combines tensile strength and holding force to provide you with a reliable seal and bond, every time, across many different surfaces. A high thread count and tight weave of mesh ensures reliably easy tears every time, in both vertical and horizontal directions.

And best of all, Redi Tape is also a multi-colored duct tape! That’s right, you aren’t limited to a boring, dull grey color with our products – you get to choose from seven different colors with Redi Tape.

Why Our Mesh is better than ALL the Rest?

  • High thread count and a tighter weave to provide greater strength
  • Ability to have a clean, easy tear in both directions

Compare RediTape to competitor’s duct tape and you will easily understand why our customers prefer the quality of our tape.

About Our Adhesive

  • Superior tensile strength, adhesion properties, and holding force
  • RediTape ensures consistent and reliable seals
  • Bonds fast to surfaces
  • Has a high tack while maintaining a softer feel to the overall tape

RediTape’s adhesive provides the most flexibility and allows for usage in the widest range of applications.

Multiple Colors for Multiple Pack Sizes
RediTape has a variety of colors in a variety of pack sizes. From black and silver to green and orange, RediTape has all the right colors to match your project’s needs.

Check out all of our products to find the right color for you!